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Gele and Buba
If you want to keep it old school, make sure you can get your money up for the aso ebi in advance of the next wedding. You’ll blend in nicely with all the other aso ebi wearing guests and won’t look particularly different to anyone there. Perfect for showing your solidarity to the couple, and it also entitles you to the coveted wedding gifts afterwards. Just know, aso ebi is no joking matter. Entire tribes may have been wiped out due to aso ebi wars for all we know lol! The best way to distinguish yourself in such an outfit is in the little details, anything from a nice set of earrings to a lovely perfume, we have you covered!


A simple dress
However, if you are unable to secure your aso ebi in time, a simple dress in the wedding’s colours will also be a good choice. Just never pick a white dress! Be sure to keep your nails looking sweet with a succulent shade from our selection Ciate nail polish options available.



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