5 Best Birthday Cakes in Lagos





Chocolat royale
A Lagos classic, Chocolat royale never disappoints. From the cheesecake to black forest and every other colour or flavour in between, you are sure to get an amazing cake from Lagos’ most prolific bakery.

Hans & Renee
The new kid on the block with a selection of ice creams, their agbalumo flavour ice cream was a big hit and their cakes are just as good. We recommend you pick up a few boxes of their cupcakes to have with one or more of their delightful ice creams!

The Cookie Jar Bakery
Makers of all things sweet, rich and delicious! Cookie Jar bakery is a company in Lagos that specializes in baking rich gourmet cookies, bespoke cookies as well as cookie related products. With a social media following in the tens of thousands you’d naturally wonder what all the fuss is about. Make no mistake; the Cookie Jar Bakery is one of the best out right now.

Ice Cream Factory
Unquestionably not for those without a sweet tooth, this patisserie is one of the finest in Lagos. Get something to take away, or eat in and appreciate the rich environment. In any case, you are in for a genuine treat.

Cakes by Tosan
The fruit cake (perfect for Christmas, but also, everyday is Christmas at Party Perfect) is absolutely to die for! Internationally renowned, with prizes around the world and records set for the tallest cake in Africa. Cakes by Tosan is one of Nigeria’s premier cake makers to date, with a host of noteworthy clients, such as Iyanya and Tuface Idibia!